Natural Gas Plans

Your monthly utility costs, which include natural gas for many businesses and residences, can be one of your largest monthly expenses. SJ Energy Partners are experts at reducing these costs. For many businesses our expertise and services could result in substantial savings that could help your business thrive.

Gas conversions
In the past natural gas has proven to be the most affordable alternative to meet your heating and cooking needs. With America’s abundance of liquid natural gas production, we look for that trend to continue into the future. SJ Energy can help you determine if a gas conversion makes financial sense for your situation and can perform your gas conversion if it does.

Fixed pricing plans
You can lock in the price you pay for gas. This option provides you with a predictable, stabile price for confident budget management. Available in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month terms.

Variable pricing plans (available with price cap)
If you feel gas prices will be lower in the future then you can let the price float. As protection against rising gas prices, SP Energy allows you to cap the price, which means your price for natural gas will never go above the rate of the cap. Should prices fall, you can choose to lock in the price and switch to a fixed rate plan.

Indexed plans
Natural Gas is traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). 
Three calendar days before the end of each month a settlement price is set. 
Gas sold for the next month will be at that price. 
A fixed margin is added to the settlement price establishing the sales price. 
Fixed rate and month to month terms are available. Please contact SJ Energy Partners for more information.

Hybrid plans
A hybrid plan is a customized plan that includes any combination of the plans we offer above. They can be tailored based on your objectives, energy needs, and take into account your tolerance for risk. An SJ Energy consultant can assess your needs and recommend a highly customized plan that can dramatically reduce your energy costs and increase your bottom line.

SJ Energy benefits

  • No hidden fee’s
  • Single billing
  • Balanced billing available
  • Dedicated account representatives
  • SJ provides customer service that is superior to your utility company (Se habla español)